Robot Technology

Automated handling, palletising and processing

More and more operations in the industry are taken over by robots. This can be anything from vision controlled pick’n’place tasks to item handling, processing and palletising. A lot of robot solutions are installed, as part of improving work environments, to perform gruelling processes such as one-sided repetitive routines and heavy lifts.

A robot solution does not need to be manned and does not need breaks. Therefore, one of the gains is an increase in machine time and thus a larger throughput. Moreover, robots excel by performing routines with a large amount of uniformity and precision, which is why they often are introduced to increase quality. Automated tool changes mean that it is advantageous for robots to perform jobs where item types vary or when producing small series. Flexibility is therefore the deciding factor when deciding between a special machine or a robot cell.

We offer robots as components in either a partial solution or a customised total solution. Contact us for a non-binding dialogue about type, size and range in relation to the actual task.