Machinery Safety

Risik Assessments, Technical Dossiers og CE Marking.

We can see whether a purchased or produced machine lives up to the requirements of the Machinery Directive by a systematic examination. If you need us to CE mark your machines or machine plants, we can help.

 We have trained CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Experts (approved by TÜV NORD CERT).

 As well as risk assessments, we draw up technical dossiers and give suggestions on safety solutions.

 Even during the project phase, we can give you risk assessment advice when purchasing or manufacturing a machine plant. At this stage, it is essential to clarify who is responsible for the machine living up to the requirements of the directive. Take note that when combining a new machine within an existing CE marked plant, you still need to get it CE marked.

 For more advice regarding machinery safety and CE marking, contact us.


All machines manufactured after 1st January 1995 must be CE marked. A CE mark ensures that the product withstands the directive’s requirements for health and safety. A CE mark is the manufacturer’s declaration that the safety of the machine lives up to current regulations and that it complies to the Machinery Directive.