Data Intelligence Analysis Platform

The system that reduces down time and optimises your production 

Connect up to 5 PLCs from different manufacturers to each DIAP box. Mark the data that you wish to collect. Configure the selected data by the intuitive web tools and sit back, while the DIAP begins to collect the data. You can use the collected data to investigate bottlenecks, analyse which stops cost you production and then do something about it.  

Eltronic 18.12.17 diap33282.jpg
Eltronic 18.12.17 diap33276.jpg
Computer with DIAP OEE.jpg


  • 2 Ethernet Ports & 2 USB Ports

  • SIM & Micro SD

  • Wifi, Bluetooth & 4G

  • 10 digital og 4 analogue signals

  • 2 CAN and 2 RS485 busses


Web portal 

• Easy to use
• Module structure
• More prossibilities to analyse


Smartphone app

• Notifications as needed
• Overview of machine status

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T. +45 3049 9009